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Dial a Character is a branch of Dial a Student and specialises in finding work for students in the film, video, television and advertising fields. This includes finding students who are willing and able to work on promotional jobs. We also have a successful division called Dial a Crowd for whenever you need a crowd for your promotions. Go to our Dukuduku Awards page in our photo gallery for an example of what we supplied for the SABC.

If you are a client looking for that specific “look” then feel free to browse through some of the pictures we have our students. We have students from a variety of different backgrounds so you should be able to find the right “fit” for your requirements. We have students who are able to perform various functions including but not limited to: Promoting, Prize giving, Registration, Meet & Greet, Ushering etc. If you are interested in hiring any of the students then please include their name under Extra Information on our application form for students We shall then ascertain their availability and contact you.

If you are a student looking to be involved with this exciting division then please register with us first and we shall then inform you of what else we require from you.

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